• Restaurants


    The restaurants of Skala provide a large and varied selection for daily dining out, where you can select from traditional greek to Chinese and Italian. There are also many very […]

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  • Happy family  in a cabriolet convertible car at the sunset in summer


    If you wish to rent a car please have a look at the fellow companies bellow: CBR Rent a car Katsouris Rent a car First Class Travel

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  • The jewel of the Ionian

    The jewel of the Ionian

    “Kefalonia: The diamond of the Ionian Sea” Anyone can describe his place of living as a beauty “diamond” compared with other destinations. But Cephalonia is a diamond that confirms its […]

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  • Why Skala?

    Why Skala?

    A modern village with a history Skala is one of the most famous touristic villages of Cephalonia which combines everything you want to experience on your vacation. There are modern […]

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