The jewel of the Ionian

“Kefalonia: The diamond of the Ionian Sea”

Anyone can describe his place of living as a beauty “diamond” compared with other destinations. But Cephalonia is a diamond that confirms its reputation among the other Ionian Islands.

It is a rare diamond with many aspects and flashes.

The beaches are not compared with the beaches of any other place because they differ from each other.  Golden sand, pebbles, caves, seabed .. Each one is completely different, and this because of the geophysical phenomena of the island that have contributed to their formation.

If you want to visit these glittering corners of the diamond you can use a watercraft, boat or kayak. Accompanied by a local guide you will be transferred to another dimension just a few meters away from where you live ..

The famous and cosmopolitan Platis Gialos, Makris Gialos, Mirtos, Skala, Xi, Petani, stand out because of their beauty and the quality of the services provided.

Even though Cephalonia is the island of beautiful beaches you can also try something else. A ride in the mountains and especially in the National Park of Ainos. You will be rejuvenated by the breeze that will offer you the foliage of the rare “black fir”, and enjoy the view from 1600 meters! You will feel like having the entire island at your feet! No other island in Greece can offer you this spectacle, this landscape, this rareness! You can visit the Mountain Ainos (the locals simply call it the “Mountain”) by car, a mountain bike, a guided tour by jeep or bus.

“Melissani” is the underground lake of the nymphs. It is a lake of indescribable beauty as each time you go there you will notice different colors in its waters. The “Drogarati” (situated in the same area) is a cave with stalactites and stalagmites of rare beauty and unique acoustic space.

Diving particularly in Northern Cephalonia, in Fiskardo, will offer you a spectacle that will take your breath away. The seismic seabed of Cephalonia creates underwater mountains, caves, passages. Rare species of algae and other marine vegetation species will certainly leave you speechless. If you want to explore the seabed contact the diving schools. They provide absolute security and tour of the most beautiful parts of the seabed.

For the lovers of archeology there are two castles worth visiting: Agios Georgios castle, close to Argostoli, and Assos in northern Cephalonia, the beautiful and picturesque village of Erisos.

The island has 365 villages, each one of them is totally different, and each region is not like the other. Explore the villages of Fiskardo area. The area was not damaged by the earthquakes of 1953 when the rest of the island was totally destroyed. There are buildings, entire pre-earthquake villages, built with stone. They are monuments of architectural beauty. Unlike South Cephalonia has been rebuilt after the earthquake of 1953 and its villages have newer constructions. A model village of this season is Kourkoumelata.

Monasteries and churches are available for worship at specific times. The Monastery of St. Gerasimos, patron saint of the island in Omala and the Monastery of Kipouria at the western edge of Cephalonia in Paliki, will rejuvenate you spiritually after a visit.

Cephalonia, the Ionian diamond, offers its beauties to the visitor in many different ways. You can enjoy it walking, diving, by bicycle, by car, by boat, by a glider.. Explore and enjoy it without limits! It is an island so different, so unique, unexplored and mysterious!