Why Skala?

A modern village with a history

Skala is one of the most famous touristic villages of Cephalonia which combines everything you want to experience on your vacation.

There are modern facilities of 4-5  star hotels, villas, apartments. Whichever accommodation type you choose in Skala, you will have exceptional hospitality service from the owners and the staff.

There is a beautiful beach kilometers long! The golden sand beach of Skala extends from one end of the village to another. It is so long and offers you everything you desire! You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing either in the area of organized services or to isolate a little further. You can have fun with water sports and have a ride by boat to nearby beaches. For a change you can dive from the rocks of the eastern side of the beach.

Explore the coast! You can rent a small boat and explore the closest beaches mainly the area of the rocks. Ask the driver to show you the “Kakava”, a sunken village. The “Old Skala” is the village where residents used to live until 1953. Then they moved to the beach and started the development of tourism. The old village has recently been populated and has become a tourist resort spot of houses with pool and incredible view. You can choose an accommodation in this region or simply take an afternoon walk in it to admire the view and get an idea of the old Skala and life in the village of last century.

There are dozens of restaurants, bars, cafés, either on the beach, or in the village. Every single type of entertainment you prefer. Would you like a romantic, quiet, Greek dinner? Then a drink and dance? Would you like a romantic evening with good food? Do you just want a beer? Or just ride; whatever you desire, any way you choose to entertain yourself you can certainly find it in Skala!

Explore the village of Skala. Only two steps away from your accommodation the modern village of Skala is waiting for you to explore it.  Small houses, beautiful and neat with flowers, neighborhood with kids playing.  Just walk through the village, lose yourself  in the alleys, smell the aromas of flowers, say “hello” to anyone you meet and become one with the locals. Simply live with them!